Our philosophy is quite simple.

We sell houses we would like to live in ourselves.

To be able to do just that, is a true privilege.
We love houses. We love people. We love the province of Österlen.

Uppvik & Daughters Real Estate Agency is a family-run business that was established in the early seventies by Mats Uppvik. Gabrielle Malmberg, one of the daughters and today the managing director, joined the company in 1987. She is an authorised Real-estate Agent and member of Mäklarsamfundet, the Swedish Association of Estate Agents, and so are Lotta Nordstedt and Elisabeth Wretsell.

Since the early days, the family has grown into a team of dedicated professionals, working together to provide the best possible service and guidance throughout the purchase process.

Our aim is to assist you in any way we can. On a daily basis, we strive to re-invent ourselves, mixing passion for houses and people with knowledge and experience of property transactions.

Our property portfolio consists of a small selection of houses, carefully chosen. We prefer quality rather than quantity. Houses with character and atmosphere easily find their way into our hearts. Whether it´s a romantic country cottage, an imposing manor or a pastel-coloured house in a fishing-village.

Gabrielle, Lotta, Elisabeth & Mi.



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