We sell houses we would like to live in ourselves.

Our mission is quite simple. We believe there´s a strong connection between the joy of working and the returns we get.

We perform our best when we find our work stimulating. To be able to work in an enthusiastic and committed way with every house we sell, we sometimes need to turn down a commission. This is not to say that we only deal with certain types of houses. The small house on the edge of the woods that needs renovating can be just as exciting as an old farmhouse on the plain.

But we always enjoy working with more unusual properties!

There are times in our lives when we need to make changes; sometimes we need to move on; sometimes we have the chance of a new start. It is a privilege to be able to make choices and change our lives. It is important to value that privilege and consider the steps we are taking. I sometimes find myself a little envious when I am in the presence of people who have the courage to uproot themselves and transplant themselves into a new and unfamiliar soil, whether they are going to move here or move away.

But for myself, I think I am like a Peony. I stop flowering if I am moved!

Fundamentally, perhaps, it’s about quality of life. We keep repeating our motto:

“In Österlen, the quality of life is higher than house prices.”

A play on words, perhaps, because quality of life does not easily translate into cash terms. Besides, the phrase “quality of life” can these days seem a bit of a cliché. But the meaning is important, nonetheless. It is interesting to reflect that the concept of “quality of life” was introduced as an economic term as far back as the 1970s. It referred to the way a feeling of worth and prosperity could supplement the Gross National Product.

Perhaps, in an ever–changing world, our own perspectives on life
must also change.

For my own part, I experience life’s quality when I succeed in staying present, “in the flow”, as the experts say. Our cherished hope is that we can help you to enhance your quality of life. At the very least, we will be here to advise you and to help you find your way. We will be your guide and go-between, irrespective of whether you are buying or selling!

Selling a house.

There is a huge difference between a house that is up for sale and a house that is sold! We are here to sell houses!

We begin by meeting you and looking around the house. We take an impartial view and think carefully about the market value of the property.

At this stage we will not ask you how much money you hope to raise from the sale. We prefer not to raise your expectations or dash your hopes. Then we give you a realistic estimate of what your property is worth. It would then be up to you to decide: Do you wish to sell? Do you feel the chemistry is right between us? Would you like us to act on your behalf? Once those decisions are made we should have a good way forward together.

The next step is to design an action plan and look at timings. We like to adapt the way we work to your requirements, your plans and your property. We are wary of using ”standard models” as we generally do not come across standard people or standard properties!

As part of our service, we offer ideas to make your house more welcoming to buyers, arranging room settings and de-cluttering.

We seldom use ”For Sale” boards. They can look so tired after a few weeks, particularly if a gust of wind has blown them crooked! For partly the same reason, we do not have advertising on our cars. We think there are better ways of showing your house is for sale. We like to agree with you the sort of advertising that is most suitable for your property. We have many clients on our books waiting for properties and so it might not be necessary to advertise at all.

We make use of all the most modern techniques to reach buyers, including the Internet, but we always bear in mind that these routes are a means but not an end. ”Quick and Easy” remedies do not usually give the best results!

As a company committed to continuously improving our service, we value constructive critisism. If you have any concerns about our service – tell us! If you are pleased with what you find – tell your friends!

Buying a house.

Three simple words but full of dreams and expectations!

What do you have on your wish list? An old house to preserve? An open view and broad landscape? The cosy setting of a fishing village?

Or perhaps you want a bargain; something you can restore yourself?

Some people know exactly what sort of house they are looking for. Others trot along, try things, yearn…

While you are looking it can be sensible to look at houses that do not immediately attract your interest. – it happens that reality exceeds fantasy…! Besides, you develope your knowledge and feeling of appreciation and offer, and can let your search perspective narrow.We would like to help you open your eyes to all the different possibilities.

Surfing the internet is one way of seeing the houses we have to offer but if you would like us to help to you find your dream home we need to know more about your “wish list”. We promise to listen with both ears when you ring us for a chat! And you are welcome to call as often as you wish. This is the best way to establish a good working relationship. You may of course also email us, send a fax, or write to us.

When considering buying a house you might have questions:

Do you need to have the property examined before making a bid? Do you need to talk to the local commune about making alterations? Has the water been tested?Could there be old house beetles? What about banking arrangements?

In every case, we can provide contact details of professionals we trust, who will be happy to advise you.

Sometimes it takes a while to find a home. When you do, even in the excitement of bidding, we will help you to make a well-balanced decision.

We will be your sounding board and provide you with as much support
as you feel you need.