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House-hunting in Sweden

Buying a house in Sweden is straightforward. It is up to the buyer to be sure about the condition of the property before bidding. We will be happy to help you get any professional advice you might need if you do not have the necessary knowledge yourself.

The Swedish Agent’s Role

In Sweden, the estate agent has a larger role than in most other countries. All agents currently undergo three years of professional training and must be qualified before setting up a business. The agent is the neutral link between the buyer and the seller. The agent is also responsible for drawing up the legal transaction; no solicitors or lawyers need to be involved.


In Sweden, an open bidding system operates even where there appears to be a fixed asking price. Depending on the amount of interest there is in a house, bidding might start lower than the asking price and in some cases it will exceed this figure. Once you have decided you would like to buy a house you can make a bid through the agent. This can be done verbally, through a letter, by fax or by email. The agent tells the seller about your bid but also has a duty to disclose the amount to other bidders so that the auction process is transparent. The bidders’ names are disclosed only to the seller. When the bids are in, the seller decides whom they would like to sell to.

The Purchase-Agreement

Once the seller has agreed to accept an offer, a Purchase-Agreement is drawn up. All parties sign the contract and the buyer normally pays a deposit of 10 percent of the agreed price. The buyer and seller agree a completion date, when the rest of the money will be paid to the seller and the house will become the property of the buyer. At the date of completion, the buyer pays 1.5 percent of the cost of the house plus an administrative charge to the regional land registry.


Useful information in English about the legal aspects on buying a property in Sweden is available on the Swedish Association of Estate Agents (Mäklarsamfundet) website please click on the link >>