The region of Österlen and Västerlen

White sandy beaches for miles and miles. Wide open sky. Medieval towns with narrow cobbled streets. Picturesque fishing villages line the coast. A seawashed landscape. A patchwork of fields and forests.

Waving fields. Rolling hills. Winding roads. Translucent forest. Fragrant meadows.

Pastoral. Unspoilt. No trafficjams. No crowds. Yet bubbling with life, initiative and energy. Less than one and a half hours drive from major world cities, such as wonderful Copenhagen. International airport. Shopping malls. Hectic city life. Within reach. When, and if, you need it.

A relaxing lifestyle. A tranquil retreat from the mundane world.
True luxuries. Quality of life.

Sapphire blue Baltic sea. Seashells and amber on ivory white shores. Artists found this peaceful corner more than a hundred years ago. When Paul Cezanne captured mediterranean pinetrees on canvas, the Nordic Impressionists painted the shimmering light of Österlen, a rural province situated on the southernmost tip of Sweden.

Art and culture. Apple orchards. Even vineyards,
producing decent wines.

The region is famed for it´s gastronomy and strong culinary heritage. Local produce. Seasonal variety. Excellent quality. Aspargus, freshly picked. Smoked herring, a delicacy to be eaten straight from the oven. Mushrooms and berries from nearby forests. An abundance of fruit and vegetables, rich in flavour.

Local restaurants, bakerys and food markets please the most
demanding gourmet.

A Swedish smorgasbord, indeed. Just like the landscape itself.

Smiling landscape. Friendly people. A different way of life. The climate is probably the best in Scandinavia. Not as bitterly cold as further north. Not as unbearably hot as in southern Europe. Not as rainy as in Britain.

Some say the province remind them of Tuscany. Others call it “the Provence of Scandinavia”. And some people compare it to New England.

It´s there for you to discover. Some cosmopolitans already did.


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